Pearl Harbor: A Visual History Commemorating The Date That Will Live In Infamy - Randy Roberts & David Welky (2016 Becker and Mayer hardback)

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Blurb: The Japanese attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, stands as one of the most pivotal events of twentieth century America. The dark hour quickly brought the United States into World War II and rattled the American people’s perception of the safety of their home soil. Pearl Harbor: A Visual History Commemorating the Date that Will Live in Infamy traces the attack to its beginnings a decade before in Japan’s quest for empire and explores the United States’s failure to anticipate the attack even as its relationship with Japan deteriorated. Authors Randy Roberts and David Welky relay an hour-by-hour accounting of the December 7 invasion and aftermath, the US mobilization to war that followed, and the long-reaching effects of the attack on the American consciousness. Filled with over a hundred photographs, illustrations, and period ephemera, this elegant volume commemorates the bravery, horror, and, ultimately, victory of Pearl Harbor.

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