Passion’s Reign - Karen Harper - 1983 Zebra Books Paperback

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With his masculine strength and skilled hands, William Stafford brought ravishing Mary Bullen a most exquisite torment she never dreamed existed. But their lives were not their own to lead. The radiant golden beauty was lusty King Henry VIII's prize gem in his opulent English court. She was his to control, his to bed - and his to marry off to one of his lords.

Though their walls hung with precious tapestries and priceless art, though their wardrobes overflowed with sumptuous garb and glittering jewels, gorgeous Mary and determined William were prisoners in a realm they despised. They were governed by the masters of men, who kept them from each other's arms - but the lover swore that no matter how long it would take, they would one day be ruled by only the crown of Passion's Reign.”