Our Stories Remember: American Indian History, Culture and Values through Storytelling -Joseph Bruchac 2003 Fulcrum paperback

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Blurb: From the back cover:

"Through his retelling of traditional Native American stories, Joseph Bruchac offers readers a rich mix of American Indian history, culture and values. A diverse range of Native groups is included - Tlingit, Navajo, Cree, Abenaki, Yupik, Seminole, Sioux, Cherokee, and many more - with questions asked and answered, such as:

*What do the ancient stories mean?
*How do the Indians define themselves?
*What are the Native attitudes toward life and death?
*What was the impact of the coming of the Europeans?
*How do Native Americans relate to the natural world?
*How do traditional stories sustain tribal American peoples even today?

Our Stories Remember is an illuminating look at Native origins and lifeways, a treasure for all who value Native wisdom and the stories that keep it alive"