Our Gang: The Life and Times of the Little Rascals - 1977 Crown Publishers vintage PB

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Blurb: For the film nostalgia buff, you can't do better than this. Many of us have seen the Little Rascals films on Saturday morning television but some of these have never been shown. The series started in 1922 and of course the films are silent......but they have some really endearing players. My favorites from this era are pouty-faced Jackie Condon and Mickey Dolan. These kids could act and many were not professionals. Then came the second group of kids crossing the line between the silents and sound: Wheezer, Jackie Cooper, Farina, and Chubby Chaney. Again, children that could act; the book explains that the films were shot in very short takes so the youngsters could keep on track with dialogue. The series officially ended in 1944 and starred some of the more well known characters; Spanky, Buckwheat, and Alfalfa.
There is a plethora of interesting information here about the players, the directors and the studio and a short synopsis of each episode. I have to say that my favorite Little Rascals' episode is "Pups is Pups" starring the cutest of them all, Wheezer. When Wheezer loses the clapper of the little bell he uses to call his pups, he walks around saying "jingle, jingle, jingle". So endearing. This is a very entertaining book.