Ocean On Top - Hal Clement - 1976 Sphere Books Paperback

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Harry Clement Stubbs better known by the pen name Hal Clement , was an American science fiction writer and a leader of the hard science fiction subgenre. Fun fact: He went to Harvard, graduating with a B.S. in astronomy in 1943. Just so you all know, he died in 2003. 

Publisher Blurb: “Aquatic Enigma - The world's energy was limited... and with overpopulation and a high level of technology, the Power Board had virtually become the real government of the world. Power was rationed, it was guarded, it was sacred. Thus when three of the Power Board's agents disappeared at sea, and there was evidence that something irregular was happening to the energy quota in that area, it was cause for real alarm.”

You all ready for Craig on Goodreads hot take from 2020: “Hal Clement's strong suit was in the creation of strange alien worlds and the strange beings that might inhabit them, but this one is set firmly on Earth. It's an undersea story, and he spends too much time discussing the environment and how humankind can adapt to exist in it and not enough time telling a story. It's interesting reading (he obviously spent a long time researching and speculating), but not among his best works.”