No Blood Spilled - Les Daniels - 1991 Tor Books Paperback - Duncan Eagleson Cover

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Cover artDuncan Eagleson

Blurb: “A coffin drifts on the Bay of Bengal...

Within lies Sebastian Newcastle, rapt in the dreamless sleep of the Undead. His flight from England, spurred by agonizing memories of his ruined love, Felicia Lamb, ends in the heart of India's darkest cult. The Thugs still make human sacrifice to Kali, the Goddess of Death...sacrifice she will accept only when there is no blood spilled.

Reginald Callender, accused of the death of his fiancée, Felicia, has sworn vengeance on Newcastle. He has tracked the vampire to India, but the terrors of this strange new land—from the savage prowling panthers to the murderous Thugs—prove as formidable as his ancient enemy.

Moreover, he has lost his heart to the beautiful widow Sarala Ghosh. But like Felicia before her, Sarala is headed for her own dark destiny in the cold embrace of Sebastian Newcastle.

"A truly wonderful and vicious vampire." —Charles L. Grant”

ISBN: 0-812-50932-3