Napoleons of Eridanus - Pierre Barbet - 1976 Daw Paperback Edition Karol Thole

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Condition: Acceptable. Please see the images for more details. Cover art: Karol Thole

Blurb:  "Supposing your world was an advanced Utopia that had eliminated war so long ago that nobody knew how to conduct an adequate defence. Then suppose your solar system was invaded by a fleet of alien militarists...

This is what happened to a certain planet in the Constellation Eridanus - and what its leaders did was to seek a primitive race that still engaged in warfare.

So they kidnapped a band of experienced soldiers - Napoleonic veterans fleeing Moscow through the snows of that terrible winter of 1812.

Captain Bernard of the Imperial Dragoons took on the task. But being a loyal Bonapartist campaigner, he had ambitions that Utopian aliens could not suspect.

The Napoleons of Eridanus is a surprise-filled romp in transposed history..."