My War Experiences - Crown Prince William of Germany (1923 edition with maps included inside)

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Condition: This book is 97 years old. Signs of wear and consistent use.  The first map had a tear in it fixed with tape. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: "My War Experience is detailed and personal. The 140 thousand word military memoir of William, the Crown Prince of Germany chronicles his experiences as head of the German 5th army and the Crown Prince Army Group during World War I. Written, translated and originally published within five years of the November 11, 1918 armistice, My War Experiences provides personal insights into the workings of the German Empire's military command while offering detailed strategies and tactics employed by the imperial army, from the Battle of Longwy to the end of the Great War.From the war's opening battle to the march on the Meuse to the horrors of Verdun to the desperate retreat of 1918, My War Experiences offers strategic insights into the decisions of the German army with a fresh look at its military command.It was clear that the Crown Prince admired, cared for and loved his soldiers. His pride in their performance and sense of honor pervade the entire work. While the Crown Prince avoids detailing the blood and gore of war, he does not shy away from the toll the war takes on citizen and soldier alike."

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