Midnight - Dean R. Koontz - 1989 Berkley Books Paperback

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Blurb: “The No.1 bestselling classic from Dean Koontz, the master of chilling suspense, that will thrill fans of Stephen King and the Odd Thomas series.

A wealthy tech entrepreneur, intending to create superhumans by infecting them with nanotech to assist their physical and mental abilities, picks a California town as his secret pilot project, but things go terribly wrong. The citizens of Moonlight Cove, California, are changing, growing numbers of residents harbor a secret so dark it is sure to cost even more lives. Some are losing touch with their deepest emotions. Others are surrendering to their wildest urges. And the few who remain unchanged are absolutely terrified (if not brutally murdered in the dead of night). Survivors face a terror beyond the darkest realms of human nature.

Tessa Lockland and Sam Booker team up with natives Chrissie Foster and Harry Talbot to combat the evil that threatens the community. Tessa Lockland comes to town to probe her sister's seemingly unprompted suicide. Independent and clever, she meets up with Sam Booker, an undercover FBI agent sent to Moonlight Cove to discover the truth behind the mysterious deaths. They meet Harry Talbot, a wheelchair-bound veteran, who has seen things from his window that he was not meant to see. Chrissie Foster, a resourceful eleven-year-old, running from her parents who have suddenly changed and in whom darkness dwells, joins them. Together they begin to understand the depth of evil in Moonlight Cove and make a stand against darkness and terror.”