Mastery - Kelley Wilde - 1991 Illustrated Dell Books Paperback

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Blurb: “DAMNATION TIME - Once a year those who thirst for blood come together to display their mastery of the killing art — a matter of passion, practice, and precision —until one of them breaks the rules.

Austin Blacke is the renegade whose death lunge is the last sight to grace his victim's eye ...the blond lover some call "Sundance” wingbeats of dark freedom in the night... Down the speeding track the California Zephyr streaks west, its passengers fleeing the past, seeking mastery over their hapless lives. But mayhem knows no timetable. This ride is heading off the rails into the kind of havoc only the most exquisite vampire can create. On á train of fools and dreamers, the thirst explodes. And time is in the hands of the master — the master of death and dying. MASTERY”

ISBN: 0-440-20727-4