Man of Many Minds - E. Everett Evans - 1959 Pyramid Books Paperback - Frank Kelly Freas Cover

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Cover art: Frank Kelly Freas


Hanlon cringed at the Admiral's icy stare.

"You had a good record, Hanlon-a fine future in the Interstellar Corps. Now you've thrown it away.

There's no room in the Corps for a cheat!"

Hanlon blustered, "I didn't-you have no right-"

"That'll do!" Disgust showed on the Admiral's face as he gestured to the Marines, who grabbed Hanlon's arms and handcuffed him.

"George Hanlon, you are hereby dismissed from the Interstellar Corps' Cadet School!" And the Admiral ripped the identifying symbols from Hanlon's uniform. "Take him out of my sight!" They hauled Hanlon away, disgraced

But inside, he was jubilant. Now his real job of counter-intelligence would begin!”