Mama - Ruby Jean Jensen - 1983 Zebra Books Paperback

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A timeless creepy toy story.

Publisher Blurb: “Once upon a time there lived a sweet little dolly. Her porcelain face was so smooth, just like a baby. Her mouth even had a tiny round hole so she could eat and breathe. But her one beaded glass eye gleamed with mischief and evil.

She had waited a long time in the attic for someone to set her free...

nce upon a time there lived a sweet little girl. The only place she was happy was in the attic with her dolly. If she could have seen her little doll's legs kick, she would have been frightened. If she could have felt her little doll's arms squeeze, she would have been shocked. But if she could have read her little doll's thoughts, she would have run from the attic forever -for her sweet little dolly only had killing her on her mind..”