Maiden Voyage - Kathleen Thompson Norris 1941 Triangle Books vintage hardback

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Condition: Acceptable: Signs of wear and consistent use. Age toned. Editing error corrected with pencil page 1, words out of order in print. Few other pencil marks in the book. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: Antoinette Taft, a beautiful, successful young career girl, is in love with her boss, Larry Bellamy, her best friend's husband, Antoinette hates herself for being in love with a married man. She knows it is hopeless, that he will never divorce his wife. She decides to run away. But it is Larry who leaves her when his wife discovers the truth. And Antoinette suffers the pain of losing the one person who means more to her than life itself. Many months pass before she can face life again. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, she is given another chance at another love. Is she strong enough to accept it or must she suffer forever the heartbreak of lost love?