Love Conquers All - Fred Saberhagen - 1979 Ace Books Paperback - Bob Adragna Cover

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Only 53 reviews on Goodreads.

Publisher Blurb: “In a world where zero population growth is strictly enforced and sexual permissiveness is the chief means of control, a young woman's decision to bear her third child makes her the target of concerted oppression.”

Great review JK On Goodreads in 2016: “If you think the sexual revolution was the greatest thing since sex, don't read this book. If you think debates about the morality of abortion are so passe as to be offensive, don't read this book. If you can only stand iconoclasm when its directed at the stuff you already sneer at, then don't read this book. But if you have an open mind. . . . if you want a fun exploration of a world turned mirror opposite, then read this little known book of Fred Saberhagen. Saberhagen is known for his Swords series of swashbuckling post-apocalyptic fantasies. This is not one of those. The story is about Art Rodney a chess master searching for his pregnant wife who has gone into hiding from a world that is very strange indeed. Sex is ubiquitous. It is literally worshiped. The Church of Eros has a pope who sports a giant codpiece. People have sex in public. Prom is a rite of passage where students sleep with their teachers. The entire world has adopted a China-like Two child policy. Abortion is mandatory for any third. Chastity (or monogamy) is the worst social taboo. If you want to be a really kinky you sublimate your lust and just look at the stars with someone. Prostitutes are paid to cover up and its rude not to pinch or cup a breast in greeting.

Be forewarned. it is about as subtle with its agenda as Brave New World or Atlas Shrugged. It's preachy in the same way.”