Lincoln - Speeches, Letters, Miscellaneous Writings Presidential Messages and Proclamations - 1989 Library of America Hardback

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Blurb: “Abraham Lincoln, America's heroic Civil War presi-dent, was also the greatest writer ever to occupy the White House. His addresses at Getrysburg and at his inaugurals, his presidential messages and public letters are an essential record of the war and have forever shaped the nation's memorics of it. This volume, the second of two, collects writings from 139 to 16, and contains sss speeches, messages, prodamations, let-ters, memoranda, and fragments. They record the words and deeds- the order to resupply Fort Sumter, the emancipation of the slaves held in the Con-federacy, and proposals to offer the South gencrous terms of reconstruction-by which he hoped to defend and preserve the Union.”