Legends From the End of Time - Michael Moorcock - Daw Books Paperback #229 - Bob Pepper Cover

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Cover art: Bob Pepper

Blurb: "Moorcock adds three new novelettes to his series about life at the End of Time, when the universe nears its finale and a small band of hedonistic but ingratiating immortals seek only to amuse themselves with a technology they can no longer understand although it satisfies their every whim.

"In PALE ROSES, the novelist turns his wry wit on the search for a moral act in a society that is quintessentially amoral.

"WHITE STARS shows that honor cannot be an issue in a society where there is nothing to lose...

"ANCIENT SHADOWS introduces a stoic time traveler to the epicureans at the End of Time.

"Moorcock has never been more poignant than these tales of the far future that mirror our own time with startling clarity. - American Library Association Booklist”