Joyleg - Ward Moore and Avram Davidson - 1962 Pyramid Books - Ed Emshwiller Cover

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The U.S. Government was paying him a veteran's pension of $11.00 a month... and that's all anyone knew.

Congressman Tully Weathernox thought it was a disgracefully small reward for one of Our Nation's Defenders. Congresswoman Lucinda Habersham figured Joyleg for a probable fraud. So - they checked.

Joyleg wasn't a veteran of World War II - or World War I. Nor the Spanish-American caper. Nor the Indian wars. Was it possible that he was a last survivor of the Boys in Blue? Not according to the records, he wasn't.

There was an incredible speculation about what Joyleg might be... so Lucinda and Tully journeyed to the hills of Tennessee to investigate. They found out the secret of Joyleg, all right...

...a secret that changed the history of the world!”

Cover artist: Ed Emshwiller