John L. Stoddard's Lectures Vol. 1-5,8 + Supplemental (10 Books) - Shuman - 1918

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Condition: Good condition for a used book! Some wear. See images for the condition of this book. This set is over 100 years old. Green cloth boards with gilt lettering. Photographs in black and white.

Blurb: This includes 10 brilliant travel books through Victorian Eyes. Volumes 1 - 5, 8, and four supplementals.

Titles included: 

1 - Norway, Switzerland, Athens, Venice
2 - Constantinople, Jerusalem, Egypt
3 - Japan Two Lectures China
4 - India Two Lectures The Passion Play
5 - Paris, Labelle France, Spain
8 - Florence, Naples, Rome
Supplemental - Ireland, Two Lectures, Denmark, Sweden
Supplemental - South Tyrol, Around Lake Garda, The Dolomites
Supplemental - Siciliy, Genoa, The Engadine
Supplemental - Lake Como, The Danube, Bohemia

Peep this excellent internet review:
"What a treasure there is to be found in these travel books by Professor Stoddard. They are far from dry recitations of points of interest, travel times, distances, etc. Stoddard makes each city and sight a living, breathing, feeling, creature. The elegance of his language and beauty of his descriptions are a glimpse into a bygone era. With one or two photos on every page and many full plate photos, you are given the privelege of seeing what he saw 100 years ago. Imagine my surprise at seeing that the dogs of the St. Bernard Monastery were, 100 years ago, quite short haired, not at all like the shaggy, jowly animals we see today. Stoddard's Lectures were popular in their day, and I can see why. I leave you with a quote from Volume I concerning Venice at sunset:
"I have seen many impressive sights in many climes; but for triumphant beauty, crystallized in stone and glorified by the setting sun, I can recall no scene more matchless in its loveliness than that which I enjoyed, when, on this richly-tinted sea, I watched the Bride and Sovereign of the Adriatic pass to the curtained chamber of the night enveloped in a veil of gold."

Author Bio: "John Lawson Stoddard (1850-1931) was an American writer, hymn writer and lecturer who gained popularity through his travelogues.

Stoddard was born in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1850. In 1871 he graduated from Williams College. At Williams Stoddard was a member of the fraternity of Delta Psi ( aka St. Anthony Hall). Later he studied two years of theology at Yale Divinity School. After that he taught Latin and French at Boston Latin School. He was proud of his descent from Solomon Stoddard.

He began traveling around the world in 1874, and published Red-Letter Days Abroad in 1884. He turned his experiences into a series of popular lectures delivered throughout North America. These lectures were periodically published in book form as John L. Stoddard's Lectures and eventually numbered ten volumes and five supplements (1897-1898). In 1901, Stoddard published a book on Gibraltar. The books include numerous illustrations derived from the immense catalog of photographs taken by Stoddard, and cover every subject, from art and architecture, to archeology and natural history. The books were immensely popular in their day and many copies still survive. Later in life, Stoddard also published poetry, as well as books on religious subjects.

Brought up a Protestant, Stoddard was an agnostic for over thirty years, before converting with his wife to Roman Catholicism. In 1922 he published Rebuilding a Lost Faith, a famous work of apologetics which is still in print.
The Main Street of Gibraltar - illustrated his 1901 book.

Stoddard was a proponent of the restoration of the Jews to Israel. In Volume 2 of his Lectures he told the Jews, “You are a people without a country; there is a country without a people. Be united. Fulfill the dreams of your old poets and patriarchs. Go back, go back to the land of Abraham.” A sentiment popularized as "A land without a people for a people without a land." However, his son Lothrop Stoddard, who remained agnostic after his father's conversion, held antisemitic views.

During his later life he used his fortune to support his adopted home of Merano, South Tyrol, contributing substantially to the building of its secondary school and to a home for homeless youth, now used as a rehabilitation centre."

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