J. Robert Oppenheimer: Shatterer of Worlds - Peter Goodchild (1985 Fromm Internationl)

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Blurb: Interviews and newly released FBI material help to answer questions about the life, personality, and work of the man who headed the Los Alamos atom-bomb project and was later dismissed as a security risk

William Borden, Executive Director, The Joint Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy J. Edgar Hoover
J. Robert Oppenheimer
In the pre-war period, there is evidence that Oppenheimer:
1.\tContributed substantial monthly sums to the Communist Party.
2.\tHad, and still has, a wife and a brother who are Communists.
3.\tHad at least one Communist mistress.
4.\tApart from professional affiliations, belonged to Communist organizations only.
5.\tWas instrumental in securing recruits for the Communist Party.
6.\tWas in frequent contact with Soviet espionage agents.
After his entry into government service in 1942, Oppenheimer:
1.\tKnew that his name had been submitted for security clearance in April 1942 but
2.\tHe thereafter repeatedly gave false information to General Groves, the Manhattan District, and the FBI concerning the 1939-April 1942 period.
During the war, there is evidence that:
1.\tHe was responsible for employing a number of Communists at Los Alamos.
2.\tHe was a vigorous supporter of the H-bomb program until Hiroshima, Aug. 6, 1945, on which day he personally urged each senior individual working in this field to desist, and
3.\tHe was an enthusiastic sponsor of the A-bomb program until the war ended, when he immediately and outspokenly advocated that the Los Alamos laboratory be disbanded.
After the war, Oppenheimer:
1.\tWorked tirelessly to retard the H-bomb program.
2.\tUsed his potent influence against atomic power development, including submarine and aircraft programs as well as industrial power projects.
More probably than not, Dr. Oppenheimer is an espionage agent under Soviet direction.