Hunter of Worlds - C.J. Cherryh - 1977 BCE - Chet Jerzierski Cover Nelson Doubleday Hardback

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Blurb: The iduve were the most advanced spacefaring race in the galaxy. They travelled where they pleased in giant city-sized vessels, engrossed with their own affairs. The iduve were humanoids--with a difference: they were predators incapable of human emotions.

Aiela was a world-survey officer who found himself abducted to serve the iduve clanship Ashanome. Forcibly mind-linked with two other humans, life became for him wholly intended for dedication to the service of his captors.

But events involving a human world that had become prey to the Ashanome were to bring out contradictions and confrontations that make the story of this man and his captor-master, the Hunter of Worlds, a truly powerful science fiction novel.

Cover art: Chet Jerzierski