Human Error - Paul Preuss - 1987 TOR Books - Paul Stinson Cover

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Blurb: “Adrian Storey wasn't feeling well. Not quite himself. When he disrupted the lavish press party that his company threw to announce a breakthrough new product, Epicell, Compugen's tame psychologist declared that Adrian had suffered a nervous breakdown from overwork. But Joana Davies, the beautiful young psychiatrist assigned to him at the sanatorium, knows better - if only she can prove it.

Adrian Storey and Toby Bridgeman are geniuses when it comes to genetic engineering - their work is the foundation of Compugen's success. They can rebuild a virus to order, tailor it to any purpose; they can make the stuff of life itself jump through hoops. But they couldn't make the president of Compugen stop the early release of Epicell. Compugen is in financial trouble and any delay might destroy the company.

Joana Davies knows that Adrian's nervous system has been infected by an unknown virus. Toby Bridgeman has a terrible suspicion what that virus is. They must join forces to unravel the deadly secret, before time runs out. Because Adrian isn't the only person who isn't feeling well ...

The first major novel of genetic engineering!”