Hordes: Metamorphosis 2008 Privateer Press Softcover PIP 1017 Warmachine

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Change of an epic scale is sweeping the land. Makeda leads the Army of the Western Reaches to the Abyssal Fortress. Thagrosh undergoes a terrifying transformation as the power of Everblight increases. Krueger pursues a path of glory and stirs an ancient enmity. Madrak struggles with the curse of Rathrok even as he relies on the axe's strength to defend his people. And above all,

the dragon threat grows ever stronger

HORDES: Metamorphosis is the second expansion for the award-winning miniatures battle game set in the untamed lands of the Iron Kingdoms. Evolve your Monstrous Miniatures Combat with:

  • Three commanding new warlocks for each taction including new EPIC characters.
  • Powerful new warbeasts for each faction. ready to rile
  • Dragoon rules introduced into HORDES for the
    first time.
  • New painting and modeling guides for each faction.