Hooray For Hellywood - Esther Friesner (Walter Velez Cover)

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Publisher Blurb: "In her third fantasy chronicling the adventures of modern-day devils, Friesner ( Here Be Demons ) spit-barbecues a herd of sacred cows that include televangelists, politicians and the particular brand of narcissist bred in Hollywood hothouses. The author's most energetic creation is the half-mortal Raleel, a veritable hellion who creates the perfect scam: he sets up a TV ministry and, at strategic intervals in his sermons, peddles such products as "Holycola" (which supplies not only vitamins and minerals, but also "forgiveness from all indulgences of the flesh"). To gain a share of his satanic sire's principality, Raleel sets out to capture the soul of Noel Cardiff, son of a succubus who has exchanged immortality for human domesticity. The final battle for Noel's soul takes place, fittingly, in the Hollywood Bowl. Friesner's broad farce will be screamingly funny to those who appreciate, for example, the humor in two demons' sitting down in the desert to hoist a few--white mice, that is.
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Series: Demons #3