Holding Water - Zenna Henderson - 1972 Avon Books 7th Printing Paperback

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Blurb: “These are the People.
Marooned on this planet by the crash of their interstellar vehicle in the distant past, The People are never free of a sense of strangeness in this world and a yearning for the home they have half-forgotten.

These are the chronicles of their arrival on this world, their estrangement from it, and their ultimate acceptance of their poignant exile.

Pilgrimage: The Book of The People is one of the most unforgettable works in all of science fiction.

The "People" stories included in this book:
Ararat (1952)
Gilead (1954)
Pottage (1955)
Wilderness (1956)
Captivity (1958)
Jordan (1959)”