Heatseeker - John Shirley - 1988 Grafton Books Paperback

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Cover art: Chris Moore


Published here for the first time in Britain, Heatseeker is the outstanding showcase' collection of fiction by one the founders of the Cyberpunk Movement.

'Clive Barker has won legions of fans with his dark imagination and over-the-top intensity - and deservedly so. But John Shirley was there first, and he's there now, beyond all limits except for whatever it is that defines excellence...

Most of these stories pack such force, it's a wonder they're legal' - LOCUS

'A deadly powerful collection of dark parables by a man who was writing the stylized naturalism of the future before it became fashionable. John Shirley's prophet-in-the-cyberwilderness voice deserves high billing among the best. He will be remembered' - ROGER ZELAZNY

'Shirley is a literary juggernaut, full of twisted humour and relentless energy. Heatseeker is essential. Don't miss it' - LEWIS SHINER