Heads - David Osborn - 1985 Bantam Books Paperback

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Condition: Acceptable. Please see the images for more details. Some pages bent.

Featured in Paperbacks From Hell!

Cover art: Richard Newton

Blurb: “The surgery is sanctioned by Washington, performed in secret-and

afterwards, the patients are never seen or heard from again. Until Susan McCullough, a young neurophysiologist on the staff of the eminent Borg-Harrison Medical Laboratory, opens a door that should have been locked.

Behind that door is proof of the most shocking medical experiment of all time.

Now, Susan has discovered the truth - and she knows that her fate is sealed. For if she is caught, they will strap her on a table and wheel her into surgery.

Then they will shut her away in that horrible room. The terrifying chamber that no one ever escapes....”

ISBN 0-553-23869-8