Headcrash - Bruce Bethke - 1995 1st Warner Books Paperback

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Blurb: “Jack Burroughs.

Some say he was the best.

Some say he was a complete dork.

Some call him the coolest cybernetic surfer ever to hang ten on the shoulders of the Great Information Superhighway.

Others have claimed that Marsha Vang, that cute little brunette down in Document Coding, actually went out on a date with him once, and he took her back to his room in his mother's basement and played "Weird Al" Yankovic tapes at her for four hours straight.

Here, then, for your enlightenment, we now present the true story of Jack Burroughs, solely as a matter of public service. Consider it an object lesson in the utter, unchecked, absolute evil of the modern multinational corporation-state.

P.S. Inquiries from parties interested in purchasing the film and/or hypermedia rights to this story may be directed to our agent at a_graysn@adg.spedro.com.”