Haunted Charleston - Sara Pitzer - 2013 Paperback

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Suspenseful tales of ghosts, spooky happenings, and other paranormal frights in Charleston, South Carolina

Among South Carolina's many treasures is Charleston, a city of rich history.

Haunted Charleston includes twenty-five stories, from the ghosts at Dock Street Theatre to the haunted graveyards, that will send chills up the spines of even the most daring ghost hunters. Each story includes notes on historical significance and local lore, and readers will discover just how haunted and spooky this city can be.

An annotated bibliography, a listing of contact information to visit the haunted sites, and a brief ghost hunter's guide to the city are also included, giving readers the resources to explore the haunted areas for themselves.

• The 1837 Bed and Breakfast: Some visitors at this inn experience more than just nineteenth-century architecture and hearty breakfasts.

The mischievous spirit of nine-year-old slave George, stuck in the house where he once lived with his parents, passes the time by playing pranks on guests. Don't be surprised if you awaken to find him jumping on your bed.

Provost Dungeon: It's no wonder that this place, considered one of the worst American prisons of all time, is said to be haunted. Tourists and tour guides have seen objects move inexplicably and have heard moaning-perhaps the tortured cries of mistreated prisoners. Take a night tour and, if nothing else, experience the spooky blue glow from the pit where indigo was once stored.

Sara Pitzer has traveled in and written about the Southeast since 1983. She is the author of North Carolina Off the Beaten Path and Myths and Mysteries of North Carolina (both Globe Pequot Press).




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