Hardwired - Walter Jon Williams - 1987 Tor Books Paperback - Royo Cover

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Cover art: Royo

Blurb: “Mudboys, dirtgins, zonedancers, buttonheads. Gravity-well dirt beneath the Orbital platforms which control their world. But the underground and the underworld declare war against the Orbital Heaven: in the air with delta fighters and military shuttles, in the interface of computer fraud and data flow, in flooded slum alleys with lasers and bombs. It's a war with new warriors, new legends.

"Hardwired is his best book to date...as the parallel plotlines of a hotshot contraband flyer and a sleek bodyguard/assassin develop and gradually intersect, the book takes on a life of its own." — Locus

"Fans of high-tech SF will enjoy Williams's sizzling prose and fast-moving, taut story."* - Library Journal