Going Interstellar - Les Johnson & Jack McDevitt (Sam Kennedy Cover)

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Condition:  Good condition for a used book! Some wear. See images for the condition of this book. The spine has creases.

Blurb: "A collection of tales by an all-star assortment of award winning authors including Ben Bova, Mike Resnick, Jack McDevitt, Michael Bishop, Sarah Hoyt and more together with essays on high technology by space scientists and engineers – all taking on new methods of star travel.

Some humans may be content staying in one place, but many of us are curious about what’s beyond the next village, the next ocean, the next horizon.  Are there others like us out there? How will we reach them?  Others are concerned with the survival of the species. It may be that we have to get out of Dodge before the lights go out on Earth.  How can we accomplish this? Wonderful questions.  Now get ready for some answers. 

Here is the science behind interstellar propulsion: reports from top tier scientists and engineers on starflight propulsion techniques that use only means and methods that we currently know are scientifically possible. Here are in-depth essays on antimatter containment, solar sails, and fusion propulsion. And the human consequences?  Here is speculation by a magnificent array of award-winning SF writers on what an interstellar voyage might look like, might feel like—might be like.  It’s an all-star cast abounding with Hugo and Nebula award winners: Ben Bova, Mike Resnick, Jack McDevitt, Michael Bishop, Sarah Hoyt and more."

Table of Contents:
Foreword - essay by Les Johnson
Introduction - essay by Les Johnson and Jack McDevitt
Choices - short story by Les Johnson
A Country for Old Men - novelette by Ben Bova
Antimatter Starships - essay by Gregory L. Matloff
Lucy - novelette by Jack McDevitt
Lesser Beings - novelette by Charles E. Gannon
Fusion Starship - essay by Gregory L. Matloff
Project Icarus: A Theoretical Design Study for an Interstellar Spacecraft - essay by Dr. Richard Obousy
Design Flaw - novelette by Louise Marley
Twenty Lights to "The Land of Snow" - novella by Michael Bishop
Solar and Beamed Energy Sails - essay by Les Johnson
The Big Ship and the Wise Old Owl - novelette by Sarah A. Hoyt
Siren Song - short story by Mike Resnick 

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