Godman - John Bloodstone - 1970 Powell Books Paperback

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Cover art: Bill Hughes

Blurb: “With modern weapons Michael Flannigan fought against the terrors of a hidden universe of monsters and primitive city-states to save the woman he loved!

Haunted by a mysterious distant call, Michael Flannigan was drawn to the moon to discover an ancient lens that thrust him into another universe where modern weapons were unknown. There, in this other life, he became known as Gurund Ritroom, the long-awaited Avenger. With Yankee ingenuity he battles for survival and the woman he loves against horrid monsters and the brutal armies of primitive city-states. When he introduces modern weapons such as gunpowder and bazookas against a society equipped only with swords, spears, bows and arrows, the effect is startling and unexpected.

Contains the first two Michael Flannigan stories: Land Beyond the Lens and The Golden Gods.”