God Is My Co-Pilot - Robert L. Scott Jr. 1963 13th Ballantine Books Paperback

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GOD IS MY CO-PILOT is the personal narrative of a man who has had one of the outstanding careers in American aviation.

After Pearl Harbor, when he was marked too old for combat flying at 34, Colonel Scott refused to abandon his dream of a "mission against Tokyo." In this he did not succeed, through no fault of his own. But over the Burma Road, and in enemy-occupied China he compiled a brilliant record as group commander of General Chennault's fighter forces-the dedicated veterans of the American Volunteer Group in China.

Scott's book is a lasting tribute to these men-Colonel Haynes, Major Joplin, Sergeant Bonner, Captain Payne, and Major Tex Hill. Their lives are crammed with excitement, hopes and frustrations, tragedy and humor. As the first book to recount for Americans the daring and skill of their wartime pilots, GOD IS MY CO-PILOT was an enormous best-seller. The young colonel of World War Il is now General Scott of the U.S. Air Force-but his book, written in the heat of combat, remains one of the really great stories of aviation.“