Ghosthunt - Jo Clayton - 1983 Daw Books Paperback

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Cover art: Ken W. Kelly

Blurb: “A ghost was haunting Cazarit. A kidnapper who snatched the wealthy clientelle who vacationed there as if the intensive security didn't exist. Local security was getting desperate--after hundreds of hours and days trying to locate and identify their "ghost" they were no closer to an answer than when they began. They needed the help of a Hunter. And there was only one who would meet their demands. 

Aleytys, wearer/symbiote of the mysterious and powerful Diadem, had a reputation which preceded her across the galaxy. But little did they know that Aleytys already had a good idea who their ghost was, and didn't want to catch him. Aleytys works for an extraordinary group known as "Hunter, Inc." Demands for Alytys' special talents have grown as her own understanding of her powers and limitations has evolved. Living up to the reputation which precedes her across the galaxy provides Aleytys with moments of self discovery. It gives her the strength to win battles with tough adversaries, and succeed in hopeless situations.”