Games Psyborgs Play - Pierre Barbet - George Barr Cover - Daw Books Paperback Edition

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Captain Setni, of all the officers of space, was the most immune to hypnotic suggestions and psychological delusions. Hence, when reports reached the Great Brains of a strange new planet on the Hydra group, Setni was the logical astronaut to check it out.

Because by all accounts the planet seemed a double of Old Earth- but of Earth as it had been in the far past- and legendary beings were alive and well there.

Setni was specially trained for the task, but even the best training in disbelief was not sufficient. For on that pseudo-Earth, not only was Charlemagne in power and knighthood in flower, but the pagan gods were visible, physically real, and devilishly active.

Setni knew it was no illusion - but then what was the reality?

Cover artist: George Barr