Four Day Planet and Lone Star Planet - H. Beam Piper (Michael Whelan Cover)

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"Four-Day Planet" is set on a planet called Fenris, where extremes in climate have resulted in an extremely small population with very few off-world contacts. The protagonist is a 17-year-old reporter who fights to overturn the corrupt 'government' and coercive mercantilist monopoly on 'tallow-wax', the sole export from Fenris.
"Lone Star Planet" is set on New Texas, where everything from cows to nuts is prefixed. Silk, the unwilling, banished replacement for the Solar League's former ambassador, must solve the murder and stave off an anticipated invasion by the Srauff, a canine alien race, while preventing his own assassination on a planet where the killing of politicians is acceptable, if they "had it coming."

A great internet review says: “A pair of short novels, both published originally in the 1950's, both dealing - indirectly but entertainingly - with the complex relationships and economics of colony planets in a galactic union. Each interesting in its own way, Four Day Planet is a better story start to finish, while Lone Star Planet is a quicker and easier read. Half a dozen times you'll be reaching for a dictionary or searching online for references that must have been common knowledge at one point but which now tend to the obscure - unless 'lares and penates' 'the Jukes-Kallikaks' and 'see the happy moron...' are phrases that still pepper you're everyday conversation. And if they do, let me know - there aren't many like us left.”