Forces of Hordes: Trollbloods 2010 Privateer Press Softcover PIP 1037

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Blurb: “For Kith and Kriel 

Caught amid the destructive wars of man, the many tribes of the trollkin have united to save their kind and drive out those who despoil their lands. Led by mighty warlocks who can summon ferocious full-blood trolls to their side and backed by hearty trollkin warriors, pygmy sharpshooters, and powerful champions who have banded together to forge their own legends, the trollkin are prepared to stand their ground against any army that dares threaten them.

Unite the kriels under your banner with Forces of HORDES: Trollbloods, featuring:

Complete faction rules and profiles for using all current Trollblood models in HORDES Mk II. New troops to bring to the fight, plus the all-new warlock Captain Gunnbjorn. An in-depth look at the history and structure of the trollkin kriels. A painting and modeling guide to help ready your forces for battle. Trollblood Theme Force lists and rules, which allow you to create armies based on specialized forces from the Trollbloods.

Sate the Hunger of Trolls upon the Carnage of War!“