Forces of Hordes: Legion of Everblight Command - Hardback PIP 1095

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Hailing from the frozen northern wastes, the Legion of Everblight represents many different races gathered and corrupted by the insidious power of the dragon Everblight. Led by preternaturally potent warlocks, each of whom holds within her breast a shard of the dragon's own essence, endless ranks of blighted Nyss and ogrun march forth to spread the dragon's corruption to the farthest reaches of Immoren and beyond. This formidable army is backed by twisted and terrifying draonspawn born from the very blood of Everblight's generals and shaped by his own nightmarish imagination.

Forces of Hordes: Legion - Command provides the foundation you need to unleash the destruction will of the dragon upon your foes.

Inside this book you'll find:
- Complete rules and profiles for the blighted warlocks and terrible warbeasts of the Legion of Everblight, including two new warlocks and a new character warbeast.
- Detailed history and background information, including an in-depth look at Legion warlocks and warbeasts.
- A painting guide full of tips and inspiration to help you create an army as individual as you.
- Three new theme forces that allow you to create specialized Legion of Everblight armies with specific benefits.