Force Red - Milton Bass - 1979 Berkley Medallion Paperback

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Blurb: “Move Over. Dr. Strangelove, and Let General Breed Take A Bow

Force Red: a police agency dedicated to nuclear peace-or a collection of bored killers?

When under the stress of idleness 38,000 men superbly trained in the arts of destruction begin to practice their trade in their own time, the moment has come to disband them.

But what if they won't disband? What if their leader, a man molded from childhood to the practice of military violence, is prepared to hold the U.S. to ransom rather than dissolve his command?

To General Breed, leader of men and lover of wom-en, the continued existence of Force Red was worth a nuclear holocaust.

It couldn't happen here, could it?

Could it?”