Fools - Pat Cadigan - 1992 HarperCollins Paperback

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Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke

Cover art: Gary Marsh


In a world of brainsuckers and bodysnatchers, you can't take anything for granted. Not even your own identity.

When Marva, a struggling Method actress, wakes up in a hologram pool in an exclusive priv club with fancy new clothes and plenty of money, she knows something is strange. When a memory of murder starts tugging at her, she knows something is very strange, and that she'd better find out whose life she's living. Fast.

Pursued by assassins from a mysterious Escort Service and renegade mind-pirates of every description, Marva must venture into the seamy Downs to find out who wrote the script of the most difficult role of her career.

'Cadigan has a talent for cutting right to the disturbing heart of her chosen subject, always from an unexpected angle' TIME OUT

'Fools is one of those rare books that not only bear immediate reread-ing, but demand it. It is smart, urgent, funny, and perfectly controlled, cranking up its characters' paranoia notch by notch in a tight plot where no one can trust anyone else, not even themselves' - INTERZONE

ISBN 0-586-21841-6