Fliers of Antares - Alan Burt Akers - Dray Prescot 8 - Daw Paperback Edition - Jack Gaughan Cover

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BlurbDray Prescot, the Earthman brought across interstellar space to Kregen as the tool of the mysterious Star Lords, confronts his most baffling task while he is a hunted and harried wanderer of the continent of Havilfar. That task is to discover the means by which the aircraft of that continent's most advanced civilization operate. Prescot is no scientist, but fulfill his task he must or he will never return to the princess and homeland he has won. So, for Dray Prescot there is but one course. With a whole continent against him, with time itself conspiring to balk him, the secrets of an unknown science must be made his...

Cover art: Jack Gaughan