Fever - Robin Cook - 1982 BCE Putnam Books Hardback - Janet Watt Cover

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Cover art: Janet Watt 

Blurb: “The man who created techno-horror takes a bold leap forward with this controversial and spellbinding thriller. Combining his own unique brand of medical terror with a hero and heroine of exceptional sympathy and daring, Robin Cook delivers in Fever a reading experience as gripping and plausible as tomorrow's headlines.

When medical catastrophe strikes the family of physician Charles Martel for the second time, the doctor turned researcher takes it upon himself to save his daughter Michelle's life, even though he risks becoming an outlaw in his profession and his community. Trapped by a medical-industrial system insisting on treatments he knows to be futile, endangered in his own research by professional rivalries and high-level corporate sup-pression, Charles fights to track down the 

source of Michelle's disease and then to cure it.

What Charles Martel finds in his quest for a cause and a cure will threaten every aspect of his life, leading him deeper and deeper toward the heart of lethal mystery, impelling him to acts of criminal despera-tion, driving him apart from his new wife, Cathryn, herself caught between her love for her husband and what she sees as her responsibility to her stricken step-daughter. Charles and Cathryn are two decent people, compelled by love and crisis into a terrifying confrontation.

Brilliantly conceived, Fever is both a heart-pounding novel of suspense and a work of serious and vital speculation.

Robin Cook, a graduate of Columbia University medical school and the bestselling author of Coma and Brain, is currently on leave of absence from his post at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Insti-tute. He lives in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, with his wife Barbara.“