Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine - May 1984 - The Illuminated Man - J.G. Ballard Cover

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Cover artist: Ed Emshwiller illustrating "The Illuminated Man"")

Blurb: The Illuminated Man - “Sounds, seas, jewels, deserts, flowers, crystals . . these are things which J. G. Ballard in a very short time has made distinctively and peculiarly his-and distinctively and peculiarly beautiful as see, for instance, his THE GARDEN OF TIME (F & SE, Feb. 1962) and NOW WAKES THE SEA (May 1963). He has broken down the walls which Literature, no less than Nature, had seemed to erect between seemingly disparate elements, and from this breech has emerged his own strange beauty. Mr. Ballard is in his early thirties, was born in Shanghai (and interned there during the War), read medicine at Cambridge, has been a copywriter and an RAF pilot. He says, "The biggest development of the immediate future will take place, not on the Moon or Mars, but on Earth, and it is inner space, not outer, that needs to be ex-plored."-And concludes: "The only truly alien planet is Earth."