Famous Negro Athletes - Arna Bontemps

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Publisher blurb: "Arnaud "Arna" Wendell Bontemps (October 13, 1902 – June 4, 1973) was an African-American poet, novelist and librarian, and a noted member of the Harlem Renaissance. 

It was in 1935 that Joe Louis defeated Primo Carnera and became a serious contender for the world heavyweight boxing crown, which he was later to wear for ten years. Ever since that time, no group has done more to change the image of the Negro in the eyes of the world than the Negro American athlete. Here are the stories of those who have excelled in the fields of boxing, baseball, track, basketball, football, and tennis. Included are such internationally renowned names as Sugar Ray Robinson, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, Satchel Paige, Willie Mays, Jim Brown and Althea Gibson."

Illustrated with photographs. 1964.