Exiles of Time - Nelson Bond - 1948 Paperback Edition - Jack Gaughan Cover Art

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Cover art: Jack Gaughan

Blurb: "The demonic fury of the comet meant that the day of Ragnarok was at hand - the twilight of the gods!
Grasping the ancient amulet, Lance Vidor suddenly felt a strange sensation of bottomlessness.
The floor of the thousand-year-old Arabian crypt began to give way. The young archaeologist plunged headlong into the deep darkness. The stone emitted a wierd vibrance, and suddenly darts of pain flashed through him.
Freezing air enveloped him, and a hideous wailing filled his ears. Something unseen snapped. A cosmos of flashing stars exploded within Lance's brain, and he was alone in a void that roared with mocking laughter!"

Cover art: Jack Gaughan