Endangered Species - Gene Wolfe - 1990 Tor Books Paperback - Marco Patrito Cover

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Cover artMarco Patrito

Blurb: “Quite simply, the best single-author collection you will see this year."

- Analog Science Fiction/ Science Fact

"This is the biggest and probably the best one-author collection to appear in the '80s. There are at least three stories in it that should have won Hugos, and there are no poor stories in it at all. Of course it's uneven: Wolfe wrestles with spirits in writing some of these pieces, and a few of those spirits are mighty wrestlers. Uniform sleekness (thank God) isn't one of Wolfe's qualities. Read it, and then read at least half of it again."

-R.A. Lafferty

"The tales in Endangered Species are windows into Wolfe's spirit and eloquent witnesses to his gen-erosity."

-Michael Bishop

"The stories in Endangered Species are thoughtful, disturbing, graceful, bitter, funny, and perceptive-all at the same time. A Gene Wolfe story lingers in the mind, setting up ripples and eddies and quiet deep pools, long after reading the last polished sen-tence. Endangered Species is Wolfe at his best, which means the best science fiction has to offer."

-Nancy, Kress”