Einstein's Brain - Mark Olshaker - 1982 Pocket Books Paperback Edition

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Blurb: "Science has resurrected a weapon buried for twenty-five years. Its power... unlimited. Its source... Einstein's Brain." Paul Garrett is a prominent young physicist from MIT.... Amanda West is a brilliant, beautiful science writer from New York... Nathan Kagan is an activist rabbi from the United States... What incredible event of 20 years before links them together? What startling coincidence has left them, unsuspecting heirs, to the power locked in... Einstein's Brain. A string of mysterious deaths unravels the web of intrigue and deception. The CIA is hunting them down. Israeli intelligence is snapping at their heels. Their only refuge is in flight. Their only hope is each other. Their only weapon of survival is the extraordinary secret they share - a secret that could shift and topple the balance of world power!"