Eclipse - John Shirley - 1985 Methuen Paperback - Tom Kidd Cover

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Cover art: Tom Kidd

Blurb: “When the nuclear bombs destroyed Europe they did not kill human hate and fear. Out of the panic and the chaos rises the SA - neo-fascists who feed on and encourage the paranoia all around. Their violent repression is based on highly advanced

persuasion techniques which extend their influence throughout Earth and even beyond, to the first space colony.

Against the SA stands a small band of freedom fighters with limited resources, led by the burned-out rock musician Rickenharp who isn't even sure why he joined. However his intense desire to stop the SA propels him to new heights of courage; and in the ashes of Paris he will eventually play the song of his life to summon the ghost of liberty, in an attempt to end the dark rule that created a man-made Eclipse.”