Eat Them Alive - Pierce Nace - 1977 Manor Books Paperback

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Collector’s Note: Incredibly rare and gory. Exceedingly scarce in any edition. A cult classic. This horror book is one of the absolute hardest paperbacks to find!

Publisher Blurb: Dyke Mellis hated the world with a passion; he was just waiting for a chance to strike back at the people who had ripped away his manhood and crippled his body. And then, that fateful day when Malpelo Island spilt open and the creatures emerged, his chance came—a bloodier and more terrible chance than he had ever dreamed of...

But as his dreadful plan began to work and his monstrous legion of bloodthirsty giants wreaked their terror he was faced with a new horror... would they destroy him before they reached his enemies?

Greatest Review of all time: “Is it good? No. Is there anything else like it out there? No. Singular and ridiculous, like getting a note from the prison cell of your least favorite third cousin after he's arrested for having sex with a corpse. You can't throw it away, but do you really want to read it? - Grady Hendrix”