East and West: The Collected Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham - 1934 Garden Hill Publishing vintage hardback

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Condition: Acceptable: Signs of wear and consistent use. Spine has top and bottom wear. Three of the four corners are fine but the top front board corner is missing and shredded. It does not match the condition of the rest of the book. Despite this corner that survived some battle, this would still look great on your book shelf because the spine is just gorgeous. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: 30 stories

Rain --
Fall of Edward Barnard --
Mackintosh --
Red --
Honolulu --
Pool --
Letter --
Before the party --
Force of circumstance --
Outstation --
Yellow streak --
P & O --
Jane --
Round dozen --
Creative impulse --
Miss King --
Hairless Mexican --
Giulia Lazzari --
Traitor --
His Excellency --
Mr. Harrington's washing --
Footprints in the jungle --
Human element --
virtue --
Alien corn --
Book-bag --
Vessel of wrath --
Door of opportunity --
Back of beyond --
Neil MacAdam.