Dr. Cyclops - Will Garth - 1976 Centaur Books Paperback - David Ireland Cover

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Cover Artist: David Ireland

Blurb: “Classic Novelization of Famous SF/Horror Movie. Here is the weird and terrifying adventure of a group of people shrunk to the size of dolls by a scientific megalomaniac. Alexander Thorkel, a nearsighted biologist, is pursuing a fantastic experiment deep in the heart of the Peruvian jungle. Using a new radioactive element, he has discovered a method for shrinking living matter. Dr. Thorkel aims to end hunger around the world, reasoning that if people were one-tenth their normal size, there would be ten times as much food to go around. But when a party of Thorkel's fellow scientists penetrates his jungle fastness, the paranoid biologists decides the only way he can protect his secret is to shrink them down to size. When he has reduced the band of scientists to the height of dolls, Thorkel gloats over them, his (to them) gigantic eyes peering down terrifyingly through his glasses. Even then, the scientists defy him, and Thorkel kills one to demonstrate his power. That's when the scientists realize that if they ever truly believed in "brain over brawn," this is the time to prove it. Or any one of them could be the fiendish Thorkel's next victim.”